NATURENGS Dergisi (Covid-19) Özel Sayı Çağrısı

NATURENGS Coronavirus (Covid-19) Special Issue Call

As it is known, Coronavirus Disease affects all countries in a global sense and has been declared as an epidemic (pandemic) by the World Health Organization. As it affects all areas of life now, it stands before us as an undoubted fact that some aspects will be permanent and have profound effects in the future.

With this epidemic; health, engineering, science, technology, work safety, etc. the emergence of new situations in the fields is also inevitable. In this context, as an editorial team, we decided to call this special issue both in order to understand the current situation and to be more prepared for the state, society and institutions against possible outbreaks in the future.

Studies completing these call evaluation processes, which are open to all fields of science and engineering, will be made available to the scientific community as a special issue. In addition to its national and global benefits, this issue also aims to publish studies in a specific and addressed environment, and to make it easier for those who will get more citations and work in this field.

We announce the latest article submission date for this special issue as July 5, 2020. We are planning July 31 as the possible publication date of the issue. You can add your work on coronavirus (COVID-19) to the system at


NATURENGS Journal Editors